GIFs: Cliff Lee, Phillie Phanatic Have Trouble With Hot Dog Gun

The Phillies played an exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park. The season is off to an auspicious start.


On the plus side, it wasn’t the demon blood-red communist Phillie Phanatic. On the downside, the Phillies hot dog gun appears to be about as prepared for the season as the Phillies.

Some GIFs of the carnage (or, rather, lack thereof) follow.


Cliff Lee, the Phillie Phanatic and Cole Hamels — whom you can see throwing hot dogs over his shoulder in the GIF above — just speed off, leaving the field littered with hot dogs.


Anyway, the crowd at the exhibition game was smaller than usual, and the Phillies lost. And the fans barely got any free hot dogs! Not that you’d want to eat hot-dog-gun dogs, would you?