Chris Christie Opposed to Relaxed Pot Laws in New Jersey

You won't be buying legal weed in the Garden State anytime soon.

With marijuana now legal in Colorado and Washington and the sky still unlikely to fall to the ground anytime soon, other states are considering following their lead in legalizing pot as a way to raise revenue, improve the public’s relations with the police and in general stop wasting everyone’s time.

We all know who loves a good time-waster, of course: Chris Christie, who says he is opposed to any relaxed pot laws. The Inquirer‘s Jan Hefler notes Christie’s recent opposition at a town-hall meeting:

In a town hall in Flemington last week, Christie, a Republican, told the crowd that he would not decriminalize or legalize marijuana, because it would be “the wrong message to send to children” and young adults. Legalization would allow the “state-sanctioned use of marijuana for people who do not have a legitimate need for it,” he said, adding he supports marijuana use for medical ailments.

I don’t know. People are always complaining about young people not being interested in politics. What better way to find the future leaders of tomorrow than by getting them into politics because of a pot bill!

Hefler quotes New Jersey marijuana activist Jay Lassiter, who wants to bring legal marijuana sales to Atlantic City. If you’ve been to the AC boardwalk recently, you know that pretty much every dinky little shop on the boardwalk sells pipes and bongs. Might as well just start selling weed, too!

Christie is able to block any marijuana reform activism for the rest of his term, so don’t get your hopes up, stoners.

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