Divergent Star Theo James: “It’s Time For a Gay Action Hero”

theo james divergent

English actor (and total babe) Theo James, who is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi action film Divergenthad a sit down with E! News, where he talked about the need for Hollywood to stop flaunting ultra-masculine action hero types and start focusing on strong women and LGBT characters. From sheknows.com:

James’ hopes for change isn’t just focused on women. He said he also hopes to see an LGBT action hero one day, although he doesn’t think it will happen anytime soon.

“It’s very hard to tell,” he said … “Because today there are great shows like Looking, poignant pieces of work that revolve around a central cast of characters that happen to be gay. But I remember when Queer as Folk came out and thinking, ‘Things are changing. Maybe there will be more [shows like this].’ And then suddenly there was a drought. Hopefully the day [we have a gay action hero] isn’t far away.”

To see the rest of the interview, go here. Divergent opens in Philly this weekend. Show times here.