Philadelphia’s Free Condoms Now Come in Multiple Styles, Sizes

The city has finally given in to demands for a larger free condom. Plus: Condom selfies!

It’s been about two years since I wrote about Philadelphia’s free condom program and the importance of encouraging kids to use condoms, and I feel like I’ve been neglecting the beat. My apologies!

So here’s the latest update from Take Control Philly: The condoms now come in varieties!


The Freedom Condom is now also ribbed and flared. And there’s another condom that’s XL-sized, which had been a common complaint on the TakeControlPHL Facebook page for months. (The city noticed a complaint and fixed it!) The city’s XL condoms even use what is apparently industry standard gold-ish color for large condoms. (Okay, they’re probably just re-branded Magnums or Magnum knockoffs.)

Having multiple types of condoms is good because it encourages use: Common knowledge is that condoms make sex less pleasurable — though some researchers say sex with a condom is actually no different — so many people (especially stupid kids!) don’t like to wear them. But if you can give kids gimmicky reasons like ribbing or flaring, they might be a little more likely to wear them. Then the city sees fewer STDs and fewer unplanned pregnancies. It’s like magic!

Kids 13 to 19 can get the free condoms by mail or at a public health center.

Another way Take Control Philly has been promoting the free condoms to kids are, um, condom selfies on Instagram.

Even a CSX train gets condom-selfied! I am ashamed I wasn’t aware of this Instagram account before.

[Take Control Philly]