Man Attacks SEPTA Transit Officer at Fairmount Subway Stop

Police say the man was high on PCP and was threatening passengers, saying he had a gun.

A man — who police say was high on PCP — attacked a SEPTA Transit Officer at the Fairmount Subway stop, Fox 29 reports.

The attack took place on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line, yesterday afternoon. The officer responded to a call about a deranged rider claiming to have a gun was threatening to shoot people. Septa cameras caught violent struggle as officer approached the man and this guy goes after the officer and he just won’t stop.

As soon as the officer had the guy on the ground the passengers converged and tried to help officer the as best they can but officer was overpowered.

Two additional SEPTA officers arriving as backup eventually subdued the man, who didn’t actually have a gun.

After the jump, some animated GIFs.

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And here are the passengers coming over to help.

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And it still took two more cops to subdue this guy!