WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Bi at Sundown, Drag Queens of Comedy and More Gay To-Dos

Nightlife Gay‘s Bruce Yelk’s new, much-hyped rager, “bi at Sundown,” finally kicks off when the sun slinks below the horizon on Sunday. The party is a bi-weekly affair taking place at Lit Ultra Bar that focuses on international DJ talent, and giving people a not-too-late party option on the Sabbath day. Confused about the “bi” part? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be bisexual to attend. Yelk explains the thought behind the name to Philly Weekly’s Bill Chenevert: “The ‘bi’ portion is dual pronged. First, the party is bi-weekly, and that seemed to be the easiest way to convey that fact. Plus, I am known to produce several well-known LGBT events, but I wanted this event to be much more inclusive. I think bi works on that front — to let everyone know they are welcome at this event.”

The kickoff party features music by L.A.-based duo the Perry Twins. After that, Yelk has Miami’s Tracy Young (3/30), Tel Aviv’s Erez Ben Ishay (4/13), and Miami’s Kid Madonny (4/27) lined up to play.

Doors open at 7:04 p.m., and the first 200 guests pay $10 to get in. There’s an open bar for the first hour, plus, for the first four events, guests get a $20 bar tab to use at the next party, which, if you do the math, gives you $80 to spend by the end of April.  Head here for more information on this and future dates.