Selfie Taken During Airplane Evacuation

Blown nose gear during takeoff forces Philly evacuation, but only minor injuries ensue.

Lots of coverage today for the US Airways plane that aborted its takeoff Thursday evening in Philadelphia. The airport was briefly closed to takeoffs and landings, but quickly reopened.

CNN reports:

A US Airways plane blew a tire during takeoff Thursday evening at Philadelphia’s airport, an airline spokesman said, with witnesses recalling seeing the plane “bounce” before screeching to a halt.

Citing initial reports, US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher said the commercial airliner’s pilot decided to abort takeoff after the tire issue. Philadelphia International Airport tweeted, and photos indicate, that the plane’s nose gear collapsed.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said two women from the plane were transported to the city’s Methodist Hospital, one with a minor injury and the other with a minor illness.

“This is a good time,” Ayers said, referring to the response and the fact things turned out as well as they did. “It worked out alright.”

ABC News:

The 149 passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate the plane, said airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica. US Airways re-booked passengers on another plane. One of those passengers, Hannah Udren, took a selfie after getting off the plane.


NBC10 brings the drama:

“There was a lot of screaming and crying,” passenger Dennis Fee said as he described the chaos that ensued in the moments following an emergency aboard US Airways Flight 1702.

As quickly as the A320 Airbus lifted off at 6:25 p.m., it came crashing back down.

“As we first hit the ground, flight attendants were yelling to keep our heads down,” said Fee. “I just sort of held onto the seat and tried not to panic,” Fee said.

And CBS Philadelphia:

“The plane went up, came back down a little bit the first time, then didn’t think much of it. Went up the second time, and then kind of felt loose and went straight back into the ground. Kind of sheer terror in everyone’s eyes,” passenger Will Jager told CBS Philadelphia.

“Quite a bit of panic. Soon after we landed, smoke was coming out of the engine. The pilot ordered everyone to evacuate, then everyone got up, you know, ‘Let me off the plane, let me off the plane first.’ But it was fairly orderly,” Jager said.