SEPTA Bus Mom Katye Stacey in Rehab, Says Family Friend

Unwitting star of viral video had already lost custody of her daughter.

mother septa bus video

It has been nearly a week since video of a near-comatose Kathleen “Katye” Stacey and her neglected child on a SEPTA bus went viral. The Department of Human Services removed the child from the mother’s custody earlier this week. And now the 26-year-old woman has entered rehab, says Nicoli Klimuk of Philadelphia’s Torresdale section.

Klimuk, who identified himself as the boyfriend of Stacey’s mother, says he has known Stacey for more than six years. According to court documents, Klimuk paid approximately $200 of her fines and fees stemming from a 2013 court case.

“She takes good care of her kid,” he says, adding that he saw Stacey and her child together a couple of weeks ago. “It seemed like everything was mostly alright. But she lost her job — she was bartending — and they fired her, and she got all upset. … She’s in rehab now.” Klimuk wouldn’t provide more specifics on the rehab.

A bartender at Stacey’s previous place of employment, Northeast Philadelphia bar Irish Eddie’s, confirms that she was fired though declined to say why. “I’m not going to get into all that,” she said, asking that her name not be used. “But the funny thing is, I have a son on the police force, and he didn’t bother to mention this to me. Then I get home, and I have a young son who showed me the video. I looked at it and said, ‘Oh my god! I used to work with her.'”

There has been wide speculation that Stacey was on drugs at the time of the video, and SEPTA’s police chief publicly referred to her behavior as a “heroin nod.”

Stacey posted the following message on Facebook on Friday, March 7th, apparently before her child was removed from her custody: “IM REALLY GETTING SICK OF PPL WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON COMING AT MY NECK I KNO I SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN THAT WAY AROUND MY CHILD BUT AUTOMATI CALY PPL THINK THE WORSTED GRANTED IT SHOUD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED BUT I WASNT ON WHAT YOU THINK! I Am a Great mom my daughter never ever wanted for ne thing n ppl fuck up , it never happened around her before n i feel like shit letting her see that now.”

Stacey has previously been found guilty of promoting prostitution, shoplifting and disorderly conduct, and according to a court administrator, she was on probation through November 2013. Stacey has not been charged with a crime related to this incident. According to police sources, DHS continues to investigate.

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