City to Turn N. 3rd Street into ‘N3RD Street’

In a resolution set to pass through City Council, tech-heavy N. 3rd Street will also be designated as N3RD Street. Get it?

Never doubt it: If they put their minds to it, develop a plan, and work really hard, a bunch of dorks can get new street signs made.

Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes reports the city is set to additionally designate the name of N. 3rd Street from Market to Poplar as “N3RD Street.”

From the resolution:

WHEREAS, The “N3RD Street” (pronounced “nerd”) name for the area began as a colloquial nickname, used by community anchors, including in Northern Liberties and Indy Hall in Old City, but it has caught on as others in the community began to use the term. Today, N3RD Street is a household name in the technology community across Philadelphia, and is even used by Mayor Michael Nutter and Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid, who reference N3RD Street when speaking about the innovative community in Philadelphia.

Reyes writes more than 30 tech companies and 45 design firms are located on N. 3rd Street — sorry, N3RD Street — between Market and Poplar. This isn’t a complete renaming of the street; the resolution states N. 3rd Street “is also named N3RD Street.”

It’s too bad there’s not an Elite Street in Philadelphia, because think how cool “31337 Street” would look on a sign.