ALBUM REVIEW: You Won’t Be Able to Get Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once
Outta Your Head


I love my pop music, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts with the genre. In the past year we’ve had Gaga’s over-thought mess that is ArtPop, and completely destroyed Britney’s chance at a decent comeback. But then, like a gift from gay pop heaven, Kylie Minogue releases Kiss Me Once — and it’s good! Despite worries that she’d depart from her signature disco sound after signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, Kylie sticks to her formula and delivers a shimmering set of pure, bop-able pop tunes. Here’s my track-by-track analysis:

“Into The Blue”

Three words to describe the lead single from Kiss Me Once? Pure. Classics Kylie. Light synths and whirling production underneath empowering lyrics, “I’ll go where nobody knows/ Wherever the wind is blowing/ Even if I’m alone,” all make up this glowing and euphoric LGBT anthem for the ages. Maybe it should have been called “Into The Rainbow.” It’s Kylie heaven at it’s very best.

“Million Miles”

Produced by the same masterminds who created the diva’s 2010 stomper, “Get Outta My Way,” “Million Miles” has second-single potential written all over it. Light guitar riffs, big catch-y hooks and Kylie’s come-hither vocals make for a tasty piece of sugar-y disco perfection.

“I Was Gonna Cancel”

Kylie’s one and only track with label mate Pharrell Williams is somewhat, meh. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song at all. I love the Mr. Williams classic  touch, its “Ring My Bell” groove and the fact that it’s about Kylie’s rough day at the studio, it just feels a bit out of the place after such a pounding opening. I think I would have liked it better more towards the end of the “Kiss Me Once” runway.

“Sexy Love”

Squeeze into those gold hotpants, lace up your skates and let the groove of “Sexy Love” guide you across the floor. Fun and flirty with just a hint of ratchet, this swinging number is the perfect gay bedroom romp for spring.


This is one of the few songs on the album that didn’t put a tingle in my disco stick. And to think, the brilliant Sia had something to do with this dated-sounding, dub-step doozy.

“Feels So Good”

Gliding production and angelic vocals mixing with a disco beat make up this thumping number that sounds like it could have been off of 2001’s Fever. Fun fact: The song is a remake of a lesser known tune called “Indiana” by Tom Aspaul.

“If Only”

Whirling ’80s synths and a heart-pounding beat. Get ready, gay dancefloors.

“Les Sex”

Turn this banger up, because “Les Sex” is the best song that Lady Gaga never had the chance to ruin.

“Kiss Me Once”

Sia redeems herself with this girly, groovy offering.


This breezy ballad, featuring a duet with Enrique Iglesias, could finally be the song that could give Kylie a solid hit on mainstream radio. If only it was better. Kylie stated recently that she and the Latin heartthrob had actually never recorded together in the studio. It certainly sounds that way. Next.


This ’90s deep-house-influenced romp is the perfect ending to Kylie’s fun and dizzying disco ride. Another bright and shiny self-empowerment anthem, this track is the younger, more attractive sister to opening track “Into The Blue.” A final piece of pure pop bliss.

Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once comes out on March 25th. You can pre-order the album here. Hear it live streaming here