Temple Senior Breaks Story of CIA-Senate Spying

Temple senior Ali Watkins helps break major political news story in D.C. — while taking a full load of courses and rowing crew.

You may have heard it in the news recently: The Senate believes the CIA spied on its computers. Dianne Feinstein said today that CIA Director John Brennan said the agency may have gained access to an internal review.

The story of the Senate probe into the CIA’s spying was broken last week by the DC bureau of McClatchy, the Sacramento-based company that purchased and immediately sold the Inquirer and Daily News in 2006. Working for the McClatchy bureau and tri-bylined on that story? Temple journalism senior Ali Watkins.

This didn’t just fall into Watkins’ lap. She interned at McClatchy this summer and has stayed on as a stringer. She tells Temple’s School of Media and Communication:

The story (and several more yet to come) was the direct result of tips Watkins received through unnamed sources with whom she has developed trusting relationships since she began reporting for McClatchy’s Washington bureau as an intern in May 2013. Since December, Watkins has stayed on with McClatchy as a stringer and hopes to work as a reporter in the nation’s capital after graduating from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication in May.

“This opportunity wouldn’t have come about if my professors hadn’t invested in me first,” said Watkins, who has maintained a full course load and a spot on Temple’s rowing team during her time at McClatchy.

Geez. Rowers get up at insanely early hours. When does she sleep?

Watkins previously interned at the Daily News. She even has a good quip for how she gets her stories! “Some people call it stalking,” she tells Temple. “I call it the relentless pursuit of truth.”

[Temple School of Media and Communication]