Mayor Nutter Tries Cigarette Tax to Fund Schools

Last year's attempt failed. He's trying again.

CBSPhilly reports that Mayor Nutter is trying, again, to get approval for a cigarette tax to fund Philly schools:

You probably recall that last year Mayor Nutter proposed a two-dollar per pack tax on cigarettes, with the proceeds going directly to the cash-starved school district.

City Council agreed, but state lawmakers who must authorize the tax did not.

Now Nutter is again calling on Harrisburg to green light a city cigarette tax although he’s well aware that the state is hearing from lobbyists for tobacco-related interests:

“You know, it’s the United States of America. People have a right to lobby. I just think that folks here should be lobbying on behalf of children.”

But a member of the Pennsylvania House leadership said the proposal is dead on arrival this year, too.