PA Senator Pat Toomey “Hasn’t Given Any Thought” to Whether Hotels Should Be Able to Kick Out Gay People

Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin

Last year, PA Republican Senator Pat Toomey stood on the right side of history when he joined nine other GOP lawmakers in voting “yes” on ENDA, a bill that bans discrimination toward gays in the workplace. But for some reason he can’t make up his mind if LGBT discrimination is okay in other places. Check this out, from Salon:

Asked Thursday morning whether it should be legal for a hotel to turn away a couple because they’re gay, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey told Salon, “I haven’t given that any thought.” Salon’s question was one of several asked by reporters as Toomey walked to his car following an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference. As Salon and other outlets attempted to ask follow-up questions, Toomey told the crowd, “Have a nice day. Take care.”

Come on, Mr. Toomey, the right side [of history] is the best side.