Dove Pulls Jersey-Dissing Ad

Jersey residents don't like "armpit of America" label.

LA Times: “Dove is killing an advertising campaign for antiperspirant deodorant that refers to New Jersey as ‘the Armpit of America.’” Turns out Jersey residents didn’t like it.

The ad aimed at New Jersey audiences intended to undermine the insult that is often lobbed in the state’s direction. It features a pretty blond woman in a white tank top showing off her armpit, with the message: “Dear New Jersey, when people call you ‘the Armpit of America,’ take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove.”

Matthew McCarthy, senior marketing director of antiperspirants and deodorants at Unilever, the New Jersey-based parent company of Dove, also said in a statement that the company had since “decided that we will not be running this billboard advertisement.”

The statement added: “We did not wish to cause any misunderstanding and apologize for any offense. Our intent with the ‘Dear New Jersey’ billboard, which was one of many ads for our campaign, was to call attention to the fact that armpits can and should be considered beautiful and ask women everywhere to accept this as something that is OK.”

We’re thinking that the people at Dove could best be compared to another body part.