LGBT Black History Month Spotlight:
7 Questions With Drag Artist/Rapper Icon Ebony Fierce

In partnership with Philadelphia Black Gay Pride, every day throughout the month of February we will spotlight an influential black mover and shaker in the city.

Fittingly, we end our monthlong series of highlighting local black, gay icons with a literal Icon: Drag artist and rapper Icon Ebony-Fierce. Ms. Ebony-Fierce has been featured numerous times on G Philly. We love her as a game-changing local drag queen with a, well, fierce, social-political mission to promote individuality and equality. One of her most impressive moves, if you ask us, is organizing the Freak Boutique, a party that benefits a different non-profit each month by generating funds through drink sales. She also hosts the monthly, all-inclusive Neon GNDRFCK Ball for the ”afroFuturist, raver, burner, space gal, queer alien” inside all of us.

Photo by Matthew Garrett.

What’s your Philly connection?
I am a Philly native. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, near Temple.

When you were a  kid what did you want to be when you grew up? 
A star. I’ve always wanted to help people in some way. I’ve always wanted to be on stage, in front of a camera or in pictures. Looking back I can tell I always wanted to help people emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Of course I didn’t think that much in depth but that was always important in some way.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Michael and Janet Jackson. Third runner-up? RuPaul.

Finish this sentence: I feel fiercest …
… during that moment when I am performing. I get Life.

What’s your proudest achievement? 
When I decided to let go of any insecurity I had as a child and start theater at age 13. Since then, I never looked back.

If you could have a super power what would it be and how would you use it?
Mind control. I would change human behavior and make this world equal, happy, efficient, intellectual, organized, and peaceful. I would also use that superpower to make the world’s anthem “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic. Seriously.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years I … 
… want to travel the world as a performance artist and public speaker.

Follow Icon Ebony-Fierce on Twitter and Instagram @iconebonyfierce.