Jameer Nelson: Trailing the Sixers Is Like a Bird Pooping on Your Head

The ex-Saint Joseph's guard said the Orlando locker room was disgusted to be trailing at halftime. The Magic then beat the Sixers by 11.


Get used to this scene in Philadelphia the rest of the year. Ten players standing around in front of a handful of fans, dribbling out the clock as the Sixers lose another one. Regardless of the team’s fortunes next season, the Sixers are going to be bad the rest of this one.

Last night, the Sixers lost their 12th straight game, this one a 101-90 defeat to the Magic. The Sixers haven’t won since Evan Turner hit a layup at the buzzer to beat the Celtics on Jan. 29. Yes, the Sixers went 0-for-February.

The last team to do that? The 1972-73 Sixers, the team that has the worst record in an 82-game NBA season (9-73). That team lost its final 13 games, all in March. (Yes, that team was once just 9-60; it was also 4-58 before a 5-2 stretch.)

One has to imagine that 72-73 team would give this current Sixers squad a good game. The 2013-14 team has lost 9 of the 12 games in this losing streak by double digits. How bad are the Sixers? The News Journal‘s Jason Wolf quotes Ex-St. Joe’s guard Jameer Nelson on the Sixers holding a 44-40 halftime lead on Orlando:

“You’d have felt like a bird pooped on your head,” Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson said, assessing the situation in the visitors’ locker room at the break. “Like, disgusted. Like, ‘Aaaahhw.’ One of those types of things.”

The Sixers: Passionate. Intense. As terrible as bird shit.