BIGOT WATCH: PA Rep. Gordon Denlinger Wants to Pass a Bill That Would Legalize Gay Discrimination

gordon denlinger bigotWhile we all wait on bated breath to see if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will veto that terrible bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, there’s something similar brewing in Pennsylvania that we should keep our eyes on.

Lancaster County Representative Gordon Denlinger has proposed the Freedom of Conscience Amendment, which, according to, says  “employers, store owners, realtors, motel managers, etc., could deny jobs, groceries, homes or rooms to anyone (tall, short, pregnant, Catholic, Jewish, gay, Goth, Democrat, newspaper columnist) offending their beliefs. Just as long as those beliefs are ‘sincerely held.’”

To stop this proposal from gaining ground, has started a petition that will be delivered to Rep. Denlinger and The Pennsylvania State House. At post time, there were 3,415 signatures, and 4,000 are needed before it can be sent. Click here to add your name. A move like this would be devastating, a terrible backtrack on our route to equality. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.