The Newest Treatment Options for Congestive Heart Failure


Did you miss out on last week’s Health Chat with Abington Health: “The Newest Treatment Options for Congestive Heart Failure”? 

Dr. Rohinton J. Morris, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Dr. Donald C. Haas, Medical Director of the Ventricular Assist Device Program at Abington Health, sat down with us for a live web chat to discuss congestive heart failure and the latest advancements in heart failure treatment.  Dr. Morris and Dr. Haas discussed everything from how to keep your heart healthy to advanced treatment options such as LVADs that are drastically improving the quality of life for heart failure patients.

Watch the video clip above to hear Dr. Morris and Dr. Haas explain “Who is at risk for congestive heart failure”?

Watch the full video of last week’s chat here.

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