Meet Philly’s New Superhero: “Wiz Wit”

According to the folks at Estately, that is.

Well, this is lame. All the other cities get monsters and hairy mean things, we got a guy with a broken mop and a cheesesteak joke.

“Wiz Wit”



Real estate website Estately, which compiled this list of city-centric superheroes, explains its choice thusly.

Philadelphia is the 12th most dangerous city in America, it’s located near a handful of nuclear power plants, and to make matters considerably worse Spider-Man’s nemesis Venom just relocated there in 2012. Why would Marvel Comics transfer a villain to a city with no established superhero?

  • Philly’s home to both the sixth most physicists and sixth most millionaires. Odds are at least one of them holds a grudge against humanity.
  • Superhero play was banned at a Philadelphia preschool in 2013.
  • Ideal Superhero: Wiz Wit—a local dishwasher who punishes rude customers with a searing wit and sometimes with a few whacks with a mop handle.

Actually, the more I look at this guy, who was created using Marvel’s Superhero creator, the more he grows on me. Can someone please get this image printed on several dozen t-shirts and deliver them to Philly Mag headquarters?