Profane Gun-Toting Libtard-Hating Police Chief Is Now “Retired”

Mark Kessler was just too much truth for The Man.

Remember this guy?

Lovely, right? Turns out he was the police chief in Gilberton, Pa. Now he’s the ex-chief.

AP reports: “Officials in Gilberton borough reached a settlement agreement with Mark Kessler on Thursday that pays him $30,000 and considers him as “separated from his employment and voluntarily retired.” He became the center of a controversy last summer after he posted videos of himself shooting borough-owned automatic weapons and cursing liberals and others.”

It’s probably a good thing he’s out of law enforcement. But we hope he finds work soon. We’re not all that comfortable with the idea of a gun-toting libtard-hating guy with too much time on his hands.