School Worker Said to Yank Girl’s Teeth

No, the teeth weren't supposed to come out.

NBC 10 reports on accusations that a school worker yanked a child’s teeth out. No, the teeth weren’t ready.

Harmani, 7, attends a class for children with behavioral issues at the Solis Cohen Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia. Tomeka Speller says her daughter was chewing on her sweater and refused to stop when a specially trained school therapeutic worker told her to. Speller says the worker then forcefully pulled out the sweater, yanking out the girl’s three front teeth.

 “She used excessive force,” Speller said. “She just said, ‘I’m not having this today’ and she yanked it out. Just because you’re having a bad day does not mean you’re going to mistreat my child!”

School officials are filing a complaint with police and the Department of Human Services.