West Chester Student Sinks Half-Court Shot, Tragically Doesn’t Get Prize Money


The game: Sink a layup, free throw, 3-ball, and half-court shot in 25 seconds. The prize: $10,000. West Chester University freshman Jack Lavery completed his task. But he didn’t get the prize. SCANDALOUS! Or is it?

According to the Delco Times, Lavery was not aware of a little-known technicality that prohibited contestants from taking more than one half-court shot; he missed the first one, then nailed a one hander running backwards as time expired. (Neither was PA announcer, or the fans, or anybody in the world seemed to know about this rule either.) Oh, the humanity. Add Lavery to a growing list of spurned half-court shot swishers, along with this guy from the University of Missouri, who hit the half-court shot but forgot to take the trey. Oh, the humanity.