Sixers’ Spencer Hawes Has Obama Toilet Paper, Per Teammate

Teammate Evan Turner snaps photo from what he says is Hawes' bathroom.

Sixers center Spencer Hawes is a well-known conservative. A lot of pro athletes are! After all, they’re rich.

Yesterday, Evan Turner — whose trip to Jamaica was canceled due to the snow — snapped a photo from what he wrote was Spencer Hawes’ bathroom.

Novelty Obama toilet paper!

This is probably the second funniest political statement Hawes has ever made. This is the funniest.

Or maybe it’s this one.

I bet Obama saw that tweet and felt all salty. My favorite part of Hawes’ conservatism, though, is his portrait of Ronald Reagan above his fireplace.

Turner seemed to think the whole Obama TP thing was funny — it’s novelty political merchandise, like the Bill Clinton watch where the hands ran backwards, though it’s rather crude — but obviously some commenters are thanking Turner for “exposing” Hawes. This is the guy who told Sports Illustrated draft night that global warming “one big lie. I talked about that in my opening speech — it’s the media’s liberal over-exaggeration of just about everything.”

This almost certainly Hawes’ last year with the Sixers, so enjoy these hot conservative takes while you can.