Ramsey Asks for Grand Jury Over Teen Abuse Allegations

But he disputes teen's story of a ruptured testicle.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said he will ask for a grand jury investigation into allegations a teen was injured by his officers during a stop-and-frisk stop; on Thursday, though, he said that evidence found that Darrin Manning had not suffered a ruptured testicle in the incident, as he alleged.

The Inquirer reports:

“The severity of the injuries they are claiming is not consistent with what was found,” Ramsey said. “The characterization of the injury is just not accurate.”

Ramsey also said police had provided the grand jury with a video that shows Manning walking out of the police station after his arrest. He says Manning appears to be uninjured, judging by his gait.

“I am not saying this boy didn’t sustain some injuries somehow, somewhere. The question is whether it was at the hands of police during the course of his arrest,” the commissioner said.

No word on if the grand jury will be empaneled.