FIRST LISTEN: Philly Rapper Steve Cizzle Remixes Beyonce’s “Partition”

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partition steve cizzlePhilly rapper Steve Cizzle[1] is going diva-style on his latest track[2] in which he re-interprets Beyoncé’s “Partition[3],” a sexed-up tune from her eponymous surprise album in December.

Cizzle tells me he was inspired to do a “Partition” remix, “because I was drawn to the contradictions and dualities Beyoncé presents in her song. We generally know her as a wholesome, “PC” person, so hearing her be so sexually explicit is something I think everyone found alluring. I approach rap as a creative platform to communicate ideas and concepts that most of us don’t normally get a chance to express in our everyday lives, so I thought it would be interesting to put my own unique spin on the theme of the track.”

Give it a listen below, and hear more of Steve Cizzle’s music here[4].

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