LGBT Black History Month Spotlight:
7 Questions With HIV Activist
Antonio Boone

In partnership with Philadelphia Black Gay Pride, every day throughout the month of February we will spotlight an influential black mover and shaker in the city.

antonio boone

Today: Antonio Boone, a diehard HIV/AIDS activist who has worked to shine a national spotlight on young people living with HIV. He works with the Sexuality With Education and Truth Project (SWEAT), which helps bring support to HIV-positive gay and bisexual men between the ages of 18 and 30.

What’s your Philly connection?
I’m a transplant. I ‘m originally from Baltimore, Md. I came to Philly in 2008 to attend Temple University.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  
My childhood occupation changed a lot when I was a kid. First it was a doctor, then a photographer, then a teacher and journalist.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?    
My dad has always been my biggest inspiration. He works harder than anyone I know. He made alot of changes in his life so that he could  be an excellent provider for our family. I’ve always respected his work ethic and tenacity.

Finish this sentence: I feel fiercest when … 
I run. I’ve never been a runner, but this past summer I really got into it by running with the I AM the Generation Run Club. I feel unstoppable after finishing up a run.

What’s your proudest achievement?    
Accepting my HIV+ status. Coming to terms with my positive status and dealing with all the things that come along with it was really difficult for me, but with the help of my family, friends and medical team I was able to make it through a really stressful time in my life.

If you had a super power what would it be and how would you use it?  
I’d want to control the weather. I’d go around stopping natural disasters, fix the hole in the ozone layer, and be your average good-guy superhero.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years I …  
… hope to be living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

For more info on SWEAT, call 215-427-4387, email, or visit its Facebook page