Women Scarce on Philly Boards

Public companies are big ol' sausage fests.

AxisPhilly reports that 33 of the top 100 public companies in Philadelphia have no women on their board of directors.

“One does wonder why those companies today still have no women on their boards,” said Betof, president of theForum of Executive Women, a local group that advocates for women leaders in the workforce.

The Forum puts out an annual report examining the number of women on boards and in executive positions at the top 100 public companies by revenue in the Philadelphia area. Its most recent report shows that in 2012 women held 103 of 829, or 12 percent, of public company board seats in the Philadelphia area. Nationally, women hold about 15 percent of public company board seats.

The 2012 total, though, represents a 30 percent increase since 2005.