13 #GayPhilly Instagrams You May Have Missed This Weekend: The “Now It’s Time for a Musical Break” Edition

Every Friday we roundup the best shots from some of Philly’s most celebrated LGBT Instagram hams. This week: The musical version starring a flight attendant, Rye Rye and Joe Namath’s coat. 

GO! Athletes Executive Director Anna Aagenes went all Shelby on us and chopped off her long blonde locks. Looks good, girl. Just drink your juice and don’t drive any nails up your arm.

Who knew drag queen Cherry Pop (pictured left in boy face) was a U.S. Airways flight attendant (and so cute)?!

Sara Ann Kelly PR‘s Sara Ann Kelly had a zen moment at the Art Museum. Ommmm.

Now it’s time for a musical break: Cleo Phatra (right) and Red 40 cover Journey at Brat Productions‘ “Three Chord Fiction.”

Scenes from this week’s Burlesque Battle Royale at Tabu.

Baltimore rapper Rye Rye looks a little scared next to Pretty Girl at Ratchet Wednesday’s one-year anniversary party.

Butch Cordora and co-host Desire at this week’s taping of Straight & Butch on G-Town Radio.

That calls for another musical break: Here’s Philly new-wave singer-songwriter George Alley tickling a Steinway.

Did you hear about the huge brawl at Tabu? Just joking, Jordan Fraser was there filming his latest short film, Philly Beer Week.

Former G Philly editor — and emerging artist to watch — Natalie Hope McDonald is too cool for school, child.

G Philly‘s first-ever Girl at the End of the Bar Tracy Buchholz and pals at a game of Quizzo.

Musical break: Lip-sync us out, Brooklyn Ford.


Ian Morrison (aka Brittany Lynn) because he stole Joe Namath’s Super Bowl coat. (I know, I know, yours isn’t real, Brittany.)