Mike Missanelli Offers Apology

Host for The Fanatic apologizes for homophobic remarks.

Crossing Broad offers a formal apology from Mike Missanelli for the homophobic emails published this week by Deadspin. Missanelli, a host for 97.5 The Fanatic, has been suspended from his job over the incident.

I apologize to anyone I have offended with such a poor choice of words.  I am facing the consequences of those words. The person in question is a serial e-mailer who has been harassing me and threatening violence on me and my family for years, using countless e-mail addresses and computer servers to send his poisonous messages. Inquiries to discover his identity and have the law enforcement authorities deal with him have not thus far been successful. My response to him was a desperate attempt to get him to cease and desist, or at least discover the motivation for his hatred and obsession towards me.  Anyone who knows me or has ever listened to my show knows that I would NEVER cast aspersions on anyone’s culture or lifestyle.