Keith Allen, Flyers’ First Coach, Is Dead

Was also GM for the Broad Street Bullies teams.

USA Today reports that Keith Allen is dead at age 90:

The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, native played 28 games for the Detroit Red Wings between the 1953-54 and 1954-55 seasons, but is known far better as the architect of the Broad St. Bullies teams that won a pair of Stanley Cups nearly 20 years later.

“Keith was the first coach in the history of the Philadelphia Flyers and a man for whom I have tremendous respect,” Flyers chairman Ed Snider said in a news release. “In my mind, he was and always will be one of the greatest general managers in the history of hockey. He was known as ‘Keith the Thief,’ I never knew of a bad deal he made. This team would never have reached the level of success we have had over the past 48 years if it were not for Keith.”

Allen was the Flyers’ general manager from December 22, 1969, to May 27, 1983.