Enquirer: David Bar Katz Says He Was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “Gay Lover” [UPDATED]

The son of Harry Jay Katz turns up in National Enquirer interview.

UPDATE: David Bar Katz has sued the National Enquirer for $50 million.


It would seem that being a playwright in New York doesn’t pay that well, because New York playwright David Bar Katz, son of notorious Philadelphian Harry Jay Katz, has apparently given a (presumably paid) interview to the National Enquirer about Philip Seymour Hoffman, whom Katz found dead on Sunday morning. The story is on the cover of the new issue of the tabloid.

Katz is quoted in the Enquirer saying the following:

“We were homosexual lovers. We had a relationship…”

“We were planning to go to the Super Bowl together and have a really nice day. This is so terrible.”

“I was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s gay lover and saw him freebasing cocaine the night before he died.”

The Enquirer also says that that Katz had seen Hoffman take heroin multiple times. “But I never thought his addiction had reached that level,” he’s quoted as saying.

Katz, who did not immediately respond to a request for a comment, posted this photo to his Facebook page on Tuesday:

As we previously reported, Katz attended Chestnut Hill Academy. His father, Harry Jay Katz, is most infamous for finding a woman dead in his hot tub in 1995.

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