Christie Looks to Avoid Government Shutdown

But Jersey Senate President skeptical that promises will be kept.

New Jersey’s government may not shut down after all. Gov. Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney are reportedly near an accord in public pensions—Sweeney last week threatened to shut down the state government if Christie didn’t stick to earlier promises on the issue.

But there’s still work to be done. NewsWorks reports Sweeney is still skeptical:

Christie said his administration will work with actuaries to make appropriate payments to the underfunded state pension system.

The appropriate amount, Sweeney said, is what lawmakers agreed on when crafting reform measures several years ago that include gradually increasing payments over a seven-year period.

“Listening to what I heard, he’s giving himself room to reduce the contribution this year,” Sweeney said. “Hopefully, I’m reading it wrong and maybe I’m being too skeptical. So as long as we’re making the appropriate payment, not an adjusted one, I’m fine.”