Christie’s Bodyguard Charged with Shoplifting

Gun supplies.

Store this in the growing “People Who Work for Chris Christie Are Unreliable” file:

William Carvounis, a New Jersey state trooper assigned to Christie’s security detail, reportedly stole $268 in merchandise from a Hamburg, Pa., hunting gear store earlier this month, including handgun grips, a pistol magazine and a hat.

But when the 35-year-old Carvounis was arrested by police, he repeatedly mentioned that he worked for Christie and asked for a break on the charges, police sources said.

The haul?

On Jan. 8, Carvounis was perusing the aisles of a Cabela’s, an outdoor equipment store that sells hunting and camping gear, when he began stashing away several items in his cargo pants pockets. He also reportedly placed a $29.99 binocular strap in a box for a product that only cost $19.99, according to a criminal complaint filed by the responding police officer.

Smooth. Carvoulis has been suspended from his job, and his disputing the charges through a lawyer. [NY Daily News]