Pastor Kevin Johnson Decides Not to Run for Mayor

So much for an outsider candidate.

Two weeks ago, the Daily News reported that the pastor of Bright Hope Baptist Church, Kevin Johnson, was exploring a mayoral run (i.e. running for mayor). Philly Mag then ran this interview with him, in which he sounded very  much like a candidate. This morning he sent an email to supporters declaring he had changed his mind. Here it is.

Dear Friends,
For those of you who know Kimya and me, you know that our first priority is our family and the second is the congregation at Bright Hope Baptist Church. We take the responsibility of being parents very seriously, and their development is paramount for us.

Last night, I shared with my officers that I will not explore a run for Mayor of Philadelphia in 2015.

While I will continue to serve in various capacities in our great City, at this time, my responsibilities as a father and pastor will be my focus.

I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

Well, so much for a dark-horse, outsider candidate, whose name we haven’t already seen bandied about a million times before.
Update: It’s worth that Johnson came under some scrutiny last week when the Daily News reported that his children attend the prestigious Penn Alexander school in West Philadelphia, even though they don’t qualify for admission based on where they live. (It’s hard enough to get in if you do live in the prized catchment.) Who knows if those reports spurred Johnson to change his mind, but as my colleague Patrick Kerkstra tweeted, he did get “an early taste of the scrutiny that comes with a run.”