Penn’s Most Famous Disgraced Journalist Falls Even Further From Grace

Stephen Glass, denied law license.

Not the real Stephen Glass.

Stephen Glass–aka the former New Republic writer whose fabulism inspired the film Shattered Glass, in which he was portrayed by Hayden Christensen–has been fighting in the California courts for the past decade to be granted a law license, despite having passed the bar. Now he’s lost that fight.

Yesterday, Glass, a former Daily Pennsylvanian Executive Editor, was denied a license to practice law by the Supreme Court of the State of California. The court ruled that Glass “failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing his rehabilitation and current fitness,” according to the opinion released by the State Bar of California.

Glass had passed the California bar, but judges have repeatedly found him unfit to be a lawyer due to his past as a writer who made up stories. (You’d think that’d make him a good lawyer, but whatever.) The DP got Buzz Bissinger, no stranger to public humiliation, (and the man who wrote the Vanity Fair piece on which the film was based) on the phone for a good quote.

There are certain things in life he will really not be able to do because of what he did.”

“He may have a future as a politician,” he added.