SEPTA Employees Apparently Took a Snow Day, Too

Absenteeism "high" the day after the storm.

Here’s one reason SEPTA performance suffered Wednesday, the day after Philadelphia got hit by a massive snow storm. “More than 320 SEPTA vehicle operators, including about 20 percent of all train engineers and conductors, did not report for work Wednesday, forcing the cancellation of many trains and buses, SEPTA officials said Thursday. On Wednesday, SEPTA canceled 91 of 742 trains, and on-time performance was only 25 percent. A day earlier, when the snow arrived, 58 trains were canceled, and on-time performance was 50 percent.”

But SEPTA’s managers sound understanding: “”In cold weather, people truly do have emergencies at home . . . or they have difficulty in getting to their assignment points,” said Ron Hopkins, SEPTA’s assistant general manager for operations. Especially, it seems, if they’re waiting on SEPTA to get them to work. [Inquirer]