14 #GayPhilly Instagrams You May Have Missed This Week: The Snow Upstaged MLK Day Edition

Every Friday we roundup the best shots from some of gay Philly’s most celebrated LGBT Instagram hams.

The week started nice enough, with the Martin Luther King Day of Service at the William Way Community Center, co-hosted by GALAEI.

This is what people did there.

William Way Executive Director Chris Bartlett made this speech, with activist Sharron L. Cooks standing gorgeously by his side.

Oh, and Brian Sims wore that hat.

Then Janus came to town and froze everyone’s asses off. Ann Artist (in boyface) looks none too happy about it.

The Goddess Isis and Navaya Shay (in boyfaces) didn’t seem to mind, though.

Icon Ebony-Fierce seems like he’s on the fence.

Some people made the most of the snowed-in time. Here, Gunnar Montana makes costumes for his next show, which, coincidentally is named Snowball. He did it naked, of course.

But after a while, people — like Stimulus‘s Amber Hikes — just started getting delirious.

I mean, just look at what a few hours cooped in the house did to Pretty Girl.

So people started getting out again. Here, Ian Michael Crumm goes shopping for an outfit to wear to this weekend’s Academy Ball.

NSFW Dance Party creators Marquise Lee (far left) and Paul Blore (far right) threw a thermal-underwear dance party.

And BalletX — with our former cover boy Jesse Sani — rehearsed for a new show, Joshua Peugh’s Slump, further proving that nothing warms your body like getting your dance on.


Unless, of course, you’re One of the Guys star Aaron Palmer, who simply channels his inner diva to stay warm. Snap!