WATCH: Thief Steals Rock Salt from Front Porch

A rock salt theft video from Scranton goes viral after being posted to YouTube.

You think the snow’s bad here in Philly? Upstate in Scranton a thief is taking rock salt of people’s porches. (The theft starts at the 1:48 mark of the video above.)

Obviously, people in the Northeast U.S. are currently so snow-obsessed that the video from Scranton has gone viral. The resident who posted the video to YouTube updated the situation:

I feel I need to make a statement given the absurd amount attention the rock salt caper has gained. When it was stolen I was frustrated and amused. I posted it to Facebook and 1 group page about Scranton, from there it spread. I never imagined the amount of attention it would gain, nor the emotional responses people would express. It started as a joke among friends, and escalated to the news doing an opening story and live feed at 11.

I didn’t want to involve the police, it is so far beneath what they should be worrying about. I didn’t want to do the news interviews either but they, and the people at the neighborhood watch convinced me it’d be good to get the word out that security cameras can work, and if more people had them on their houses maybe it would cut down on small petty crimes. I have no control over what the media deems important, or what stories to run when.

That all being said, I’m tired of stuff being stolen off my porch! In December we had a Christmas present stolen, that’s what prompted me to get the cameras. I understand this was just a jar of rock salt, but what’s next, our door mat? It’s now up to ~ $80 worth of stuff stolen from our porch in the last few months. When does it go from being an acceptable loss to unacceptable?

Action News notes that “if you look closely, you will notice she already had another bag of rock salt in-hand at the time of the heist.” This wasn’t some one-off rock salt theft by a needy person, this is a one-woman rock salt stealing gang.