Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing

by Dan McQuade | January 23, 2014 8:12 am

Is nothing sacred? Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing and DUI[1] early Thursday morning in Miami Beach.

Formerly best known for his teen-friendly pop hits[2] earlier this decade (and being Canadian), Bieber has run afoul of the law in recent months. He was recently investigated for allegedly egging a neighbor’s house — the neighbor says the egging did thousands of dollars with of damage, so I imagine the perp used ostrich eggs — and neighbors say he terrorizes the neighborhood with late-night music and reckless driving (in Bieber’s defense, this is the American dream immigrants come here for).

And now — the same week he was so friendly with the cops, receiving an unauthorized police escort[3] — Bieber has been busted.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. in the area of Pine Tree Drive and West 26th Street, Miami Beach Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez said.

Bieber, who was in a rented Lamborghini, was pulled over in the area along with another car, police said. He failed a sobriety test at the scene and was taken into custody, Hernandez said. The other driver was also arrested. No one was injured.

TMZ adds that both men were driving Lambos[4]. Just your average 19-year-old’s night!

Bieber, as noted, is Canadian. One cause for deportation is crimes of “moral turpitude.”[5] Drunk drag racing seems like a crime of “moral turpitude” to me! Better get started on a legal defense fund, Beliebers.

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