Man Kicked Out of Gym for Wearing a Speedo

Twenty-nine-year-old Houston bodybuilder Brad Cieslowski has created a bit of an uproar after employees at his gym, Novi Lifetime Fitness in Detroit, asked him to leave for wearing a Speedo that was too revealing. Here’s how Cieslowski explained the situation to My FOX Detroit:

The lifeguard comes up to me and he says, “You need to change into something more appropriate, that is not appropriate.” [The lifeguard was] talking about the bulge. That’s usually people’s problem with the speedo, is the bulge, he says.

The Speedo in question. What do you think? Is it too skimpy for public display?

He continues, and his explanation gets funnier:

“[The lifeguard] says, ‘We can all see it.’ And I said, ‘Well then stop staring. No one’s making you look at it,’  says Cieslowski. He says when he stood his ground and defended himself the employee threatened to call the police, so Cieslowski left.

“I can say the same thing about all the women around this pool in their bikinis and their one-pieces, showing off every nook and cranny of their body leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color. … I’m not allowed to be myself and wear what I want to wear and it’s ridiculous, and it’s incredibly sexist,” he believes.

The gym has since apologized, but reiterates its dress-code policy

We acknowledge there are various types of swim attire … however we have a two-layer house code. In this instance, multiple members registered concerns rooted in discomfort and as a result the decision was reached to ask the member to leave the pool area.

File this one under “Stories you’d never hear at 12th Street Gym.”