This Year, Kate Beaver Wore a Dress Your Grandma Would Like

No repeat to 2013's eye-popping "Hair of the Dog" dress.

If you remember the 2013 “Hair of the Dog” party and you didn’t attend, you almost certainly remember it because of the dress worn by Kate Beaver, an aspiring Philly actress.

Suffice it to say, the pageview traffic on that particular post represents one of the high points in Philly Mag history.

Anyhoo, this year’s “Hair of the Dog” took place Saturday night and was a smashing success. And Beaver returned with boyfriend Anthony Vittese. She’s second from the left below:

So what do you think, Philly Mag fans? Showing a little more leg this year and a little less everything else. Do you prefer Bombshell Kate or Slightly Less Bombshell Kate? Which would your grandmother prefer?