Gosselin Twins Go on The View, Are Slightly More Expressive

"OK, I'll talk. I'm the more talkative one."

Gawker reports on the Gosselin Twins(TM) appearance on The View today, comparing and contrasting it with their near-silent performance on Today last week:

Mady and Cara also used silence as a mode of expression, like a pair of twins plotting together to take down the world solely by their non-verbal twinspeak of squints and winks. When asked about dealing with their parents’ divorce, they looked at each other and laughed. When asked about their siblings, Kate interrupted to tell Mady that this was the question she’s been waiting to answer her whole life, and Mady said evenly, “You ruined my dramatic silence.” It was chilling. Upon being presented with another question Mady said, “Cara would you like me to talk or would you like to talk? OK, I’ll talk. I’m the more talkative one.” Her tone was so measured and emotionless, it was as though she was a child of the corn and by “talkative” she meant “stabby.”

Perhaps they’re sick of being subjected to the reality show lifestyle? Anybody?