West Virginia Chemical Spill Recovery Still “Unclear”

Thousands left without fresh water because of spill

CNN reports that  it’s “unclear” when 300,000 West Virginia residents will get to drink water again, after a massive chemical spill there:


Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water — a company affected by the spill — said that officials will begin lifting the water bans by zone. Certain areas will be prioritized, including downtown Charleston, but decisions will also depend on test results.

He declined to put a timeline on when the do-not-use orders will be lifted.

“I don’t believe we’re several days from starting to lift, but I’m not saying today,” McIntyre said.

Officials have warned water customers to watch for symptoms of exposure to the chemical, which is used to clean coal, such as skin irritation, nausea, vomiting or wheezing.