Book: Michael Vick Sent His Mistress A Puppy Dog Post Card. From Prison.

Oh, dear.

From the long, long list of things we wish we didn’t know, but do, the Daily Mail has a story about a new book from, apparently, the former mistress of Eagles QB Michael Vick. (Why do we say “apparently?” Because she doesn’t name herself.) There are lots of icky details in Quarterback Keeper—get it? GET IT?!?!?!—but this one’s probably the worst: That Vick sent the woman a card from prison (where he was serving time for his illegal dog-fighting ring) featuring two puppies and the inscription, “Thinking about our friendship.”

The former Atlanta Falcons franchise player asks her about pictures and tells the mistress the two puppies on the front are she and him – he was in prison for running a brutally violent dog fighting operation.

 He then tells her he wants ‘a bag full of candy and some eye candy’ when he finishes his prison sentence.

He repeatedly refers to her as family despite their relationship being a secret, and then tells the exotic dancer he has her  heart and to keep the card for future memories.

‘You my girl for life no fakin [sic],’ he wrote.

Vick seems headed out of town. Probably just as well at this point.