WATCH: Bradley Cooper Give an Oral History of His American Hustle Perm

"We tried a lot of wigs."

Philly homebody Bradley Cooper discusses his American Hustle perm, starting just after the seven-minute mark in the video below:

Vanity Fair quotes:

“We tried a lot of wigs, and I just looked like somebody from Three Stooges. It was bordering on taking you out of the movie. We curled the hair one day because to perm it would be permanent [so we wanted to see] if that would work. So we curled it, which basically meant putting curlers—they put this solution in it and we put 110 curlers in it and I sat underneath a heat lamp for 45 minutes . . . the whole thing was three hours. We loved what it did so we thought, ’Let’s just do that. Let’s not mess with that—not really thinking, oh I will have to do that every single day. But it was really born out of the necessity that we did not have the chance to try it as a perm. And then we made it a character thing, that he likes that much control and he enjoys this [routine] he does every day.

He adds: “I personally kinda fell in love with it.” So did we, Bradley. So did we.