There’s A “Giant Honking” Jennifer Weiner Profile In the New Yorker

6,800 words on the Philadelphia author.

“There is a GIANT HONKING PROFILE of me in The New Yorker!” announced author Jennifer Weiner on Facebook on Monday morning. “Wow wow!”

Wow wow, indeed. The 6,800-word profile by Rebecca Mead is titled “Written Off” and delves into Weiner’s “quest for literary respect.” It’s a good read, and there’s also plenty of ammo for the Weiner-haters out there, of which there are many.

Some quick facts from the profile:

• Weiner’s 2001 debut novel, Good In Bed, is now in its 57th printing.

• Weiner has a degree in English lit from Princeton.

• Her books have sold four and a half million copies.

• Weiner still has her home in Philadelphia (“an attractive residential district” = Queen Village) and her summer spot in Cape Cod.

• She separated from her husband (an attorney) in 2010 and now lives with her boyfriend, Bill Syken, who used to write for Sports Illustrated.

• Weiner recently purchased a “camel-hair coat that she ordered from Max Mara after seeing a paparazzi shot of Kim Kardashian wearing one. On Twitter, Weiner referred to it as the Koat.”

• Her mother, Fran Weiner, is a lesbian and came out when the author was in her mid-20s.

Go read the complete Jennifer Weiner New Yorker profile here.