Snow Shoveling Fight Brings Out SWAT Team In Philadelphia

Box cutter and gun wielded in Overbrook.


Action News was on hand in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia on Friday after a snow shoveling fight turned violent.

According to the report, two neighbors on the 7600 block of Wyndale Street–it’s less than a half-mile from the intersection of Haverford Avenue and City Avenue–got into it around 4:30 p.m.

One of the men allegedly produced a box cutter, which neighbors got away from him. Then, say police, he went into his house and got a gun. Police showed up, and the man barricaded himself inside his house. The SWAT team was activated, and the 50-year-old gun-wielding man was taken into custody. There were no injuries reported.

No word on whether this had anything to do with parking spot-saving. In our online poll asking whether parking spot-saving should be allowed after a snowstorm, 56% of respondents said yes as of Saturday morning. The Philadelphia Police disagree.

PHOTO: Philadelphia Police Department