Saints Fans Cancel “Rocky Run” After Threats from Eagles Fans

Proving once again that Philly is the classiest city on the planet.

Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to encourage visiting New Orleans Saints fans to run in solidarity up the Art Museum steps in advance of this Saturday’s Eagles vs. Saints playoff game at the Linc. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

The suggestion came from and the Times-Picayune newspaper, which labeled the event the Who Dat “Rocky” Run. (Ugh.)

Naturally, bloodthirsty Eagles fans took exception to this suggestion, heading to the anonymous world of Internet commenting to let their feelings be known. “Everyone fill up a pillowcase with doorknobs and lets go!” wrote “Sidewinder7” on And it became quite clear that this would all end in an icy riot, perhaps the first murder on the steps of the Art Museum.

On Friday, Michael DeMocker from the Times-Picayune announced that the event was cancelled:


And in the guide for Saints fans visiting Philadelphia for the came is this bit of advice from a Philadelphia expat who now works for the site:

Philly fans will share food, beer, even tailgate with you, if you’re respectful. Now, this may not go over well with our readers, but wearing Saints gear is not a wise idea, unless you have the number of people to support you. It’s a late Saturday night game and Philly fans will be tailgating all day. Saints fans should be safe and assume that Philly fans will NOT want to see Saints colors beforehand, and especially not afterwards if the Saints win.

Saturday sure will be interesting.

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