Reminder: Gas Prices Are Going Up…Very Soon

To pay for SEPTA, which you'll now have to take.

Noted socialist Tom Corbett signed a big transportation funding bill late last year that, in order to fund infrastructure and public transportation (woo!). But to pay for it the legislature had to lift a cap on gas taxes (boo!). Here’s what you’ll be looking at.

A cap on a Pennsylvania fuel tax is being lifted, allowing a 9.5 cents increase for a gallon of gasoline and 13 cents for diesel fuel…”Thanks to competition, a lot of the time increases can’t be as quick as they otherwise could be,” Patrick DeHaan of the website Gas told Newsworks. “I’m sure this tax increase going to show up to motorists but it’s not going to be a 10 cent single increase or even a five cent single day increase, it’s something that gradually takes place.”

So: Like the toad who doesn’t jump out of the pot of water as it boils, the gradual tax will lull you into thinking driving isn’t getting more expensive. More or less.