LISTEN: Rena Releases “Cocaine Pillow Fight”

Over the past few months, local drag and burlesque performer Rena has released some pretty solid music tracks. In August she dropped “Better Than That,” a sexy collaboration with local gay DJs Javascript and Drootrax. The most recent — and my personal favorite — “Cocaine Pillow Fight,” was released in early-December. The video is pretty fab, too. It finds Rena licking lolli’s surrounded by lava lamps. It offers a voyeuristic sneak peek into the private lives of girls.

I got a chance to ask her some questions at last week’s Factory Girls, a girl-run party she’s been a part of it since it kicked off at Fluid in 2011.

What inspired “Cocaine Pillow Fight“?
Well the concept of the song is how much I hate cocaine and mostly what cocaine does to people. I reference a lot of personal experiences involving the drug, but as a whole it is basically about leaving the friendships I’ve had with drug addicts in the past.

The video looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Tell me about the people involved and the process.
Harry Paris and I just filmed the video on a whim when we had another shoot that fell through that day. We filmed it all in his apartment. It was so much fun because it was just me and him, super relaxed and we just ran with the creative flow. The girls (Ariel, Brittany, and Carolyn) came over to chill and it all happened very naturally.

What is next on your plate?
I have another video coming out for a song I’m making with Drootrax called “Jealous.” I’m excited, because it’s completely different from everything else I’ve done. People will get to see another side of me. The song and video will be released after the new year. I can’t wait!